Mad Men Season Five Is Now on Instant Netflix

Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Roger Sterling (John Slattery), Lane Pryce (Jared Harris) and Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse) - Mad Men - Season 5, Episode 2 Photo: Michael Yarish/AMC

Mad Men season five is now on Netflix Streaming, which gives you two weeks to catch up before the sixth season premiere on April 7. That's barely an episode a day! Plenty of time. Recall that season five begins with Megan throwing Don a surprise birthday party that includes the song heard 'round the Internet, and things take off from there. The whole season is mired in mortality symbolism, but another way to think about it — and this is not a spoiler — is in the context of trade-offs: who gets what, who gets whom, and who thinks they've been ripped off. Also, pay attention to Pete's hairline.