Michael Che Is Working on an Hour Special


Even though he’s only been performing since 2010, Michael Che has quickly become one of the country’s most acclaimed up-and-coming stand-ups and now, he’s working on his first hour-long stand-up set. Che told W magazine about his plans for an hour special, explaining, “This has been a crazy, exciting year, and I am hoping that what comes out of it is really quality material. I am working on an hour-long performance right now, and I want it to be something really special that people will love.”

In the past year alone, Che made his Letterman debut, was ranked as one of Rolling Stone’s “50 Funniest People” and Time Out’s “Comics to Watch,” got hired as a guest writer on SNL and  a correspondent on Best Week Ever, and most importantly, ranked first amongst in a poll we conducted here at Splitsider in which NYC’s top stand-up bookers picked their favorite comedians. Michael Che’s special is definitely something to look forward to for comedy fans - whenever and wherever it comes out.

Hit the jump to check out Michael Che’s Letterman set from last year: