Patton Oswalt Is Auctioning Off a Bunch of ‘King of Queens’ Artifacts for ‘The Best Show on WFMU’


Tonight is the final night of the 2013 fundraising drive for The Best Show on WFMU, Tom Scharpling’s hilarious radio show/podcast, and comedian Patton Oswalt is generously donating a bunch of memorabilia from the nine seasons he spent on King of Queens. Oswalt wrote a really nice blog post explaining  his donation and what commercial-free, listener-supported WFMU means to him. Here’s an excerpt:

“For some people, having shelves and walls displaying the evidence of their past successes, of their progress and achievements, helps them to make and do more stuff. And that’s fine. I’m the opposite, for some reason …This chair, and the series finale script signed by the entire cast and crew, plus my crew jacket and Sony studio ID, as well as the pair of Doc Marten boots I wore in every single episode, have always sat in one corner of my office … And now it’s time for them to go … Memories mean more than objects to me. And if I ever lose my memory? Well, then what good is a roomful of objects going to be except to remind me how much of my memory I’ve lost?”