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Mandy Moore Leaves and Jenny Slate Joins ABC’s Pulling Pilot

Like Gretchen with "Fetch," ABC keeps on trying to make Mandy Moore happen. It appears her third attempt at a pilot for the network has faltered before it starts. Deadline reports she has left Pulling, the single-camera comedy based on the acclaimed British series about three thirtysomething women. The producers explained: “As we moved closer to production, it was clear we needed to go in a different direction for the character." Helping in defining that direction, former SNL cast member/Vulture interviewer/all-around-funny person Jenny Slate has been added to the cast. She joins New Girl lesbian/"Burning Love" bachelorette/all-around-funny person June Diane Raphael. So all-around-funny actresses who are like Mandy Moore, but kind of different, go get your part.  

Photo: Getty Images