Stephen Colbert Will Interview Bill Clinton


Comedy Central announced today that Stephen Colbert will be interviewing former President Bill Clinton on an episode of The Colbert Report next month. The interview will take place in St. Louis on Saturday, April 6th, at the 2013 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University (or CGI U), an annual event Clinton holds to address political and social issues with 1,000 college students. Colbert’s interview with Clinton, taped before said audience of 1,000 college students, will be included in a CGI U-centric episode of The Colbert Report during the week of April 8th. This is the second U.S. president Colbert has had on his show after Barack Obama. Said Colbert in a statement, “I am thrilled and honored to be interviewing President Clinton, and I assume he is aware this is happening.” This is pretty exciting, though I would love to see a Colbert/Clinton interview that Clinton isn’t aware of until he sees Colbert.