You Had To Be There #102: Chris Fairbanks


This week, Sara and Nikki quash a bout of podcaster’s block by brainstorming new ways for Nikki to find dates. Their guest Chris Fairbanks (@chrisfairbanks, Comedy Central, truTV’s World’s Dumbest), a comic who graced the stage at YHTBT’s first live taping, takes this theme and runs with it first through the dark depths of sexual insanity and later around the whimsies of deceptive dating and pubic quilts. To close, the three talk pee about Chris’s CD, friend-of-the-’cast Myq Kaplan’s existence, and Buzzfeeder @LouisPeitzman’s timely tweets.

Studies show the absolute best way to spend your Tuesday nights from 11pm/10c on is watching Nikki & Sara LIVE on MTV, so be sure to be there as well.

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