Quiz: Can You Name John Williams's Most Iconic Scores in Just Three Notes?


Not that anyone ever needs to be reminded of this, but John Williams is the best. Over a nearly 60-year career, Williams has become one of America’s most important film music composers. He's so iconic that you can recognize some of his themes — like the one from Jurassic Park, rereleased this past weekend in 3-D — from just a few notes. We’ve picked some of his most famous scores and boiled them down to just three notes for you to test yourself with, Name That Tune–style. For each of the twelve questions, click to play the piano sample, and when you think you know the answer (and only when you think you know the answer), click to reveal the correct film and play the score's full, orchestrated version. Good luck, and may the force be with you. (Nice try — that reference does not guarantee Star Wars is included).

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