Carrie Trailer: Trapped in the Closet


Revealing that Chloë Moretz will wind up drenched in blood in Carrie is like spoiling the ship-sinking part of Titanic. So this trailer for Kimberly Peirce's remake of Brian De Palma's film about Stephen King's debut novel freely teases the explosive third act while giving us a long look at how remorselessly Julianne Moore will haunt our dreams. (Her warbly hymn in the intro is just ... no words.) Carrie White's angst and confusion appear to be intact, and the bullying theme as well, although the "plug it up" locker room torture sequence is now doubly vicious due to iPhone-equipped teens. The trailer wraps with a dare to "call Carrie" at 207-404-2604 (that's Maine's real area code!). Consider not doing it, though. Really.