Clark Duke Wants to Revisit ‘Clark and Michael’ with a Special


Just after Arrested Development ended in 2006, Michael Cera and his buddy Clark Duke made a web series for CBS called Clark and Michael. Now that Cera has returned to web videos as part of the new YouTube channel JASH, Clark Duke was asked during a recent Nerdist interview about the possibility of reviving Clark and Michael for JASH or the internet at large. Here’s Duke’s response:

I don’t know. You know, Eric Wareheim [also of JASH] has been on The Office a couple of times this season, and I was talking to him about it the other day. I haven’t talked to Mike about it at all. He had mentioned the JASH thing to me a few weeks ago and I told him I had an idea for a short I wanted to make, but, I don’t know, it’d be a pretty good platform for it, I guess. I don’t know that I’d want to do another whole series of it, but I definitely think you could do a special, the way The Office or Extras have the Christmas specials…. It would be so dark! It would be so dark I don’t think people would want to see it.