‘Dodgeball 2’ Is On the Way


A sequel to the 2004 Ben Stiller-Vince Vaughn comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is in the early stages. THR reports that Stiller has hired Clay Tarver to write a script to the sequel. Tarver’s only produced credit is writing the movie Joy Ride with JJ Abrams, but he’s scripted a lot of comedies that are in the works or that never got made, including Quantum Hoops (about a nerdy Caltech basketball team), Men Making Music (about competitive barbershop quartets), and projects with Stiller and Mike Judge. Prior to this, the only public word on a Dodgeball sequel, beyond Stiller joking about it on Ricky Gervais’s Extras, was a rumor in 2009 that Stiller met with Lance Armstrong about doing a cameo. THR’s sources say that the sequel follows Vaughn and Stiller’s characters teaming up to fight a common enemy. Mark your calendars for sometime in 2015 maybe, Dodgeball fans!