A Drunk Diane Keaton Explains Tantric Sex on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Wearing what appears to be a Sensei's pink robe, a drunk and bubbly Diane Keaton pulled red wine from her purse and told Ellen DeGeneres all about her role in The Big Wedding. "Do you know what tantric sex is ... the Audience?" she asks. "Look, I'm Diane and the character I play is someone else ... The definition is something like, well, when you have tantric sex you go for a long time and you have that thing called the orgasm. For nine hours! That's ridiculous." She then breaks down in giggles, revealing that Topher Grace plays a 29-year-old virgin ("I don't know a man who's 29 and a virgin ... ") and that she gets up close to Robert De Niro ("I enjoyed the kissing of the men ... And I put my head on his chest. And his chest did not have clothes on"). Was there an open bar at this Big Wedding, though? If so, we'll be seeing it.