Elysium Trailer: Gate-crashing a Planet


"We're gonna break into the most heavily guarded place in the universe" is a bulletproof tagline. (So is "Hey, bring down the bone saw," come to think of it.) But Elysium comes from Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9, so expect more than just soundbites. It's 2154 A.D. Rich folk live on Elysium, where all life's drags — poverty, war, cancer — are strictly uninvited. Earth, however, sucks, and that's where Matt Damon lives. At a preview event Vulture attended on Monday, Blomkamp admitted he tries to show as little as possible before the film drops, which explains the slight vagueness of the trailer. We can safely say that we're unsure of what Jodie Foster's role is, that the effects look tasteful and great, and that we'll be there on Aug. 9.