‘Futurama’ Gets Canceled Again


Comedy Central has canceled Futurama, making it the second time the long-running animated series has been cut off by its network. EW reports that the second half of the show’s seventh season, which debuts June 19th, will be its last. Futurama has seen its ratings decline since premiering on Comedy Central in 2010. The show ran on Fox from 1999 until the network canceled it in 2003. Creator Matt Groening and executive producer David X. Cohen say the news doesn’t come as a shock as they thought the show was done for good three previous times. Cohen quipped, “As I said three times before, this is definitely the absolute end of the show. I don’t know why nobody believes me when I say that.” Groening added, “We would love to continue. We have many more stories to tell. But if we don’t, this is a really great way to go out… I think these episodes are the best ones we’ve ever done.” Time will tell whether another network decides to cryogenically unfreeze Futurama for more episodes someday.