The Hangover Part III Will Include Death

(L-r) BRADLEY COOPER as Phil, ZACH GALIFIANAKIS as Alan and ED HELMS as Stu in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ comedy “THE HANGOVER PART III,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Director Todd Phillips is tired of people bashing Hangover II. "My feeling is that it's the better movie of the two," he tells Empire. "I think in five or ten years time, people will come to realize how brilliant Hangover II is." Perhaps they will! He also says Hangover III, which comes out in May, is indeed the darker movie he promised Vulture back in 2011. "People die in this movie," he says. "Nobody's died in them before." Yes, any shortcomings in the previous two films can easily be chalked up to "not enough actual death."