HBO Is Developing a Nora Ephron Documentary


The late great Nora Ephron is the subject of a new documentary for HBO. THR reports that Ephron’s son, journalist Jacob Bernstein, is developing the project. Called Everything Is Copy, it’s being billed as an intimate look at her life. The title comes from Ephron’s mother’s maxim, “Everything is copy,” meaning everything in her life can be used for comedic material. Nick Hooker will co-direct the documentary with Bernstein. Ephron, best known for writing and/or directing When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail, passed away last June from pneumonia after fighting leukemia. There’s no word on when HBO plans to debut Everything Is Copy and the project seems to be in its early stages, meaning that there’s still time to devote an extensive chunk of it to explaining the origins of baby fish mouth.