Hemlock Grove Trailer: Hope You Like True Blood


Here's the new red-band trailer for the upcoming Netflix horror series Hemlock Grove. (It's mildly NSFW.) The show will be on Netflix on Friday, but in the meantime, this trailer answers several questions.

  • Does it look sort of like True Blood? A little! And not just aesthetically/erotically: That's Bill Skarsgård, brother of Alexander Skarsgård, in one of the lead roles. (That's him saying "You gotta be fucking kidding me" at the end.)
  • Does it look sort of like American Horror Story? A little! And not just because Bill Skarsgård looks sort of like Kit from AHS. (And Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries. You have a familiar-seeming face, Bill Skarsgård!)
  • Is there barfing? Yes.
  • Blow jobs? Sorta.
  • Nazis? Looks like it?
  • Werewolves? Yes.
  • People eating bloodworms? Yes.
  • Someone with all-black eyes, like that snake lady in the X Files episode "Die Hand Die Verletzt"? Yes.
  • Butts? Implied butts.
  • Cloaks? Yes.
  • Is "something out there"? Yes.