Last Night on Late Night: Jon Hamm: The Method to Don Draper’s Women


Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart brought on Jon Hamm as a guest, whereby he immediately questioned Don Draper's return to infidelity — "I thought: Megan, Draper, done ... And then, the girl from Freaks and Geeks shows up." Hamm laughed it off, "We're going to work our way through iconic television shows, I think, by the time we're done." So if Danielle Fishel isn't too busy, can Topanga meet Don? Plus: David Letterman can get really dogged, and his interview with Mindy Kaling was no exception. Will Steve Carell appear on The Office finale? Kaling: "I am not certain." Will Steve Carell appear on The Office? Kaling: "I was drunk out of my mind when we shot the finale. I couldn't tell who was there." And again, will Steve Carell appear on The Office? If yes, blink twice. Kaling: "I can't. Do you have any other questions?" But she did blink three times. Hmm. Also: Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon grinded (ground?) and mimed an awesome dance improv of "The Mick Jagger Chicken" and the "Too Much Eye Contact While Thrusting." And finally, once upon a time, Sir Ben Kingsley looked like Snooki. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.