Julia Louis-Dreyfus Had Lunch with Joe Biden


Veeps collided on Friday, when the real Vice President, Joe Biden, and the fake Vice President, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, met for lunch at the White House. Louis-Dreyfus, who plays VP Selina Meyer on HBO’s Veep, surprised Biden by sitting down at his desk when she showed up for their pre-arranged lunch. “He thought he’d just ask my advice on some various briefs he had to deal with,” Louis-Dreyfus said in an audio clip posted to the White House’s website, “And I was happy to give him my advice which he paid no attention to whatsoever, which is why he’s such a wise vice president.”

Biden being a good sport about Veep is no surprise, but one of his staffers told The Hollywood Reporter last year they weren’t amused by the series. A member of Biden’s team was quoted as saying, “[Veep] would have been more watercooler conversation-inspiring if it had been funnier. The show gets the D.C. personalities right, but it has what’s funny about the VP all wrong.” The article with the Biden staffer’s quote quote has mysteriously vanished from The Hollywood Reporter’s website. While Biden’s team may not have been amused by the show behind the scenes, that hasn’t shown up on the surface. The White House says that Biden called Julia Louis-Dreyfus to congratulate her on her Emmy win for her role on Veep last year. Summing up, Louis-Dreyfus says, “We had a lovely lunch, and it’s a day I’ll never forget.” Now, if only Joe Biden would have lunch with The Onion’s Joe Biden.