How to Pick Up Strangers, by Julie Delpy

Photo: GERARD JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images

Before Midnight, the third chapter in Richard Linklater's love story between Ethan Hawke's Jesse and Julie Delpy's Celine, opened at Tribeca this week. Open your heart and feel all of the feelings! But how can normal, ordinary humans experience a meet-cute like Jesse and Celine did all of those years ago, on a train? GQ wondered just this.

GQ: So how can a man approach a woman on a train without seeming like a creep?
Julie Delpy:
I was want to say something dirty, but I can't...
GQ: Please do!
Julie Delpy:
Okay: Go down on them! That's my answer. No, really: what can I say? If you're creepy, you're creepy. If you're a creep, don't try to pick up a woman on the train. Don't try to pick up anyone, because it will be creepy.

Rule one: Don't be creepy. Rule two: Go down on people. These are just good rules to live by, everyone.