Check Out the Mad Men Kidz!


Remember the days when popular prime-time TV shows would get Saturday-morning cartoon spinoffs, like The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang and Partridge Family 2200 A.D.? Those were truly the cultural salad days. So why not bring back that trend? There seems only one logical show to start with: Mad Men. Sure, the Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce employees and their significant others may be downers as adults, but give 'em the Muppet Babies treatment and they're adorable! Li'l Don, the Tom Sawyer of the group who can get anyone to do what he wants; Li'l Pete, the class kiss-ass who always ends up saying the wrong thing; and Li'l Peggy, always with her head buried in her toy typewriter! (In Hanna-Barbera tradition they should also have some sort of animal sidekick: Lucky the Pig? We'll market test that one.) Enjoy these pint-size ad tykes, courtesy of Jon Defreest; AMC and the Cartoon Network, we'll be standing by to endorse our royalty checks.