‘The Cleveland Show’ Has Been Canceled


After four seasons on the air, Fox has canceled The Cleveland Show, according to animation site Cartoon Brew. Since premiering to strong ratings in the fall of 2009, the Family Guy spin-off has seen its viewership gradually decrease over the last four years (just like TV in general has) and ratings prognosticators have been expecting the cancellation. By the time the current season wraps up, Cleveland Show will have aired 88 episodes, which is an impressive run for a series these days and enough to get it into syndication, with reruns set to debut on TBS and Adult Swim this fall. Co-creator Seth MacFarlane still has two series, Family Guy and American Dad, on the air at Fox, with a third – live-action sitcom Dads – set for a fall debut. So, for those of you who are worried that The Cleveland Show’s cancellation means MacFarlane will only have two shows, don’t fret. Will Cleveland be moving back to Quahog to rejoin the Family Guy cast this fall? Only time will tell. (Tip via Sherman Fitzsimons)

UPDATE: In a statement to THR, Fox said, “Only Fox can dictate whether a show has been canceled,” meaning that they’ve yet to announce a decision on The Cleveland Show. Fox’s animated shows, however, typically received renewals early so that the staff has enough lead time to make more episodes for the fall. Fox’s other four cartoons – Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers – have already been renewed but Cleveland hasn’t. While Fox has yet to officially announce the show’s cancellation, it’s possible that it’s as good as canceled as of right now.