This Week In Web Videos: ‘Pigeon Pick Up Artist’


For every 10 college seniors who tell friends that they’re going to pursue a career in comedy after graduation, maybe 1 actually does. (Unless those 10 go to Harvard. If they go to Harvard, then every one will probably go on to write for SNL or the New Yorker or Conan or all of those things because their big Harvard brains allow them to do everything that’s great all at once.) Don’t get me wrong — the other 9 probably had every intention of making a go in the funny business and maybe they did for a little while, but comedy’s brutal and most can’t stand the heat of the relentless failure that comes with the territory. (Again, Harvard people, you don’t have to read this — unless you’re in the mood for a laugh.) But that 1, that 1 will try and, if he tries hard enough, for long enough, that 1 may succeed. 2012 Brandeis grad Paul Gale (along with his writing partner Adam Lapetina) is proof of that. And a visit to his YouTube channel, PaulGaleComedy will make you understand why.

The kid is relentless, bravely exploring and exhibiting the craft almost every week, on a budget of $0. He’s a model of what every aspiring young comic should be: determined and tireless in his creation of new content, no matter what his experience level, no matter who sees. Getting good means getting better first and Gale is certainly doing that in a way that’s worth keeping an eye on.

So, as we near graduation season, be not afraid young jokers. Joke well and often. And make sure you press the record button when you do.