USA May Take Happy Endings If ABC Cancels It

Photo: ABC

Looks like Happy Endings might get saved by a Cougar Town-style network swap if ABC doesn't renew the show after season three. Deadline hears that co-producing studio Sony TV "has quietly reached out to a couple of networks, including USA Network and NBC." USA seems like a particularly promising bet, as the network has been hoping to add original half-hour comedies to its roster. Sony TV has a track record with this kind of thing, having gotten Damages picked up by DirecTV after FX dropped it, and finding post-cancellation resurrections for shows like UnforgettableBreaking In, and Drop Dead Diva. And yes, now would be a good time to start preparing for a Happy Endings cancellation or network jump — ABC's call for fans to save the show in its Friday-night slot was a flop, with viewership for the two episodes dipping 25 and 46 percent from the previous episodes in January.