USA May Save ‘Happy Endings’ If ABC Doesn’t


Critically-acclaimed sitcom Happy Endings has been moved around ABC’s schedule like crazy this season after being given a late premiere and a two-month midseason hiatus by the network, but it looks like the show may have a new home once ABC inevitably cancels it. Deadline reports that Sony TV, the studio behind Happy Endings, has reached out to the USA Network and NBC about picking up the show if ABC axes it. USA, which is looking to expand into comedy in 2013, has already had discussions with Sony about picking up the show. Sony TV is known for fighting to keep its shows alive, and it’s the same studio behind Cougar Town, another low-rated ABC comedy that was resurrected by TBS and was popular enough there to earn a fifth season renewal. Here’s hoping this pans out, as it would be beneficial for Happy Endings, USA, and Happy Endings fans alike.