Will Ferrell and Jack Black to Star in ‘Tag Brothers’


Will Ferrell and Jack Black may star in their first movie together. Beyond Black’s cameo in Anchorman, the two comedians have never appeared in a movie together, but all that may change soon. The Wrap reports that Ferrell and Black are attached to star in a comedy called Tag Brothers, based on a recent Wall Street Journal article about a group of 10 guys in their 40s who have been playing a game of tag together one month a year since they were in prep school 24 years ago. The movie version will have four male leads, with the other parts not yet cast. Mark Steilen, who’s worked as a second unit director on the Farrelly Brothers’ Hall Pass and Three Stooges, will write the script. Ferrell and Black have not officially signed on yet and will make their decision based on how the script turns out. While this would be the first movie that the two of them are starring in together, they were supposed to act alongside each other in a comedy about a pair of LAPD motorcycle cops for writer/director Judd Apatow in 2003 and in an earlier iteration of the Land of the Lost movie circa 2005. Time will tell whether Tag Brothers joins this list of abandoned Will Ferrell/Jack Black buddy comedies or whether it actually makes it to the screen with the two of them in it.