Adam Sandler Tells Jay Leno to Go to Fox


After over two decades on The Tonight Show (and off and back on again), Jay Leno is stepping away from the late night franchise for a second time in February of next year, and his guest last night suggested to Leno on air that he moved to Fox. Sandler, who himself was let go from NBC’s late night department in 1995, asked Leno, “So, Jay, retiring buddy?” Leno responded, “Well, we’re stepping aside” to which Sandler suggested, “You’re thinking about relaxing and I have a good idea for what Jay should do. Don’t you think he should just take it easy, enjoy, breathe, maybe go to Fox, do a show at 11pm, maybe that kind of thing?” The Leno audience applauded and Leno thanked Sandler for “stirring the pot.”  Moving to Fox would be super complicated for Leno as he’d have to push all the Fox affiliates’ late night local news broadcasts out of the way and lose the stations a bunch of money in the process, but it’s still a thing that could totally happen someday and make at least Adam Sandler happy.