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fitness routines

Allison Williams ‘Works Out’ on the Set of Girls

In an upcoming "gag" for TV's Girls, Allison Williams, a.k.a. karaoke genius Marnie Michaels, gets a little help with some exercise. Can we poorly speculate about what this means for Marnie? A fitness montage? Perhaps Marnie gets a job at her local Crunch? Either way, it feels good to know that while Marnie might be able to do a pull-up, Allison Williams seemingly cannot.

UPDATE: A reliable source tells us that Girls did film at a TriBeCa location of fitness craze Soulcycle. Perhaps influenced by Lena Dunham's own love of the bass-thumping spin class? Nothing's for sure, but we wouldn't put it past Marnie. 

Photos: Splash News/Corbis; Splash News/Corbis; Splash News/Corbis