Cannes: Let’s Solve the Case of The Bling Ring’s Missing Nicole Richie Tweet

Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

When we first heard the reports that Sofia Coppola would open her new movie The Bling Ring with a quote from Nicole Richie's Twitter account ... well, had anything ever seemed so perfect? And yet, when the movie premiered yesterday at Cannes, no such tweet was to be found! What gives? Last night at the movie's Nikki Beach after-party, we cornered Coppola to solve the mystery. "The quote from her was 'Life is crazy and unpredictable … my bangs are going to the left today,'" laughed Coppola. "I started looking at Twitter a lot while I was working on this movie, and I thought it was funny." Still, she doesn't mourn its absence from the screen: "I always just had it on the first page of the script, just to kind of introduce it, you know? But I wasn't planning on putting it in the movie." Well, at least she'll always have Paris.