Watch a Preview of Fox’s Layoff Reality Show


In 2009, Fox started developing a show called Someone's Gotta Go, which a producer described at the time as "Survivor meets The Office." But in the depths of the then–economic crisis, a show in which employees gather together to shit-talk and fire one another maybe seemed a little more like Lord of the Flies meets Hey, Dude, People Are Just Trying to Get by, and Things Are Hard Enough Without Fox Making a Spectacle of My Life. Now the show is getting another chance, this time as Does Someone Have to Go? Here's a preview:

The six-episode series follows three different companies, each for two episodes. At the end of the company's first episode, three people are voted into employment purgatory, and in the second, those three beg to keep their jobs. The terrifying threat of unemployment! It makes for very dramatic television.