Jen Kirkman Has a Podcast Now


Comedian and author Jen Kirkman launched her own podcast this week. Called I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast, the show features episodes that range from 30-45 minutes long and each one finds Kirkman talking into a microphone while sitting on her bed. “I have always just wanted to get onto the microphone and talk,” she says in the inaugural episode. “In stand-up, you have to have punchlines and someone might be drunk. So you can be drunk listening to this now, you can heckle me and I can’t hear you.This is the beauty of this for me.” Kirkman is choosing to release the show herself rather than going with a podcast network, and she has three episodes of I Seem Fun up on her website right now. Her stories have always been a highly enjoyable part of Paul F. Tompkins’s show The Pod F. Tompkast, and it’s nice to see Jen Kirkman get a podcast platform of her own.