See Leonardo DiCaprio’s Six Go-To Acting Moves in Tiger Beat Collage Form


For those of us who used to plaster our bedroom walls with Leo posters, this weekend's The Great Gatsby is a sad reminder that we're now past our poster-hanging prime, but it's also a happy reminder that Leonardo DiCaprio's face is still quite special. (Say what you will about how it's getting wider with age — we're not listening.) So special, in fact, that we were compelled to rewatch a bunch of Leo movies and make a series of Tiger Beat collages displaying his six most common acting tics — five faces and one very sturdy finger.

The Lion-Roar Scream

1. Romeo + Juliet 2. Body of Lies 3. Celebrity 4. Blood Diamond 5. The Great Gatsby 6. This Boy's Life 7. The Beach 8. Revolutionary Road

 The Heavy-Thoughts Brow

1. Titanic 2. Shutter Island 3. Inception 4. J. Edgar 5. Catch Me If You Can 6. The Basketball Diaries 7. Romeo + Juliet 8. The Great Gatsby 9. The Aviator

The Not-Claire-Danes-Cry-Face-But-Still-Pretty-Crumply Cry Face

1. Romeo + Juliet 2. The Man in the Iron Mask 3. Shutter Island 4. The Basketball Diaries 5. Total Eclipse 6. The Beach 7. What's Eating Gilbert Grape

The Flirty and/or Arrogant Brow Lift

1. The Man in the Iron Mask 2. Inception 3. Titanic 4. Catch Me If You Can 5. Blood Diamond 6. Django Unchained

The Show-Me-Your-Teeth Jaw

1. The Basketball Diaries 2. Body of Lies 3. Marvin's Room 4. The Man in the Iron Mask 5. The Departed 6. Total Eclipse

The Angry Finger-Point

1. The Departed 2. Django Unchained 3. The Man in the Iron Mask 4. Revolutionary Road 5. The Aviator 6. Inception 7. The Basketball Diaries 8. J. Edgar