Nicki Minaj and Hot 97 Made Peace, Sort Of


It has been almost a year since Hot 97 D.J. Peter Rosenberg said some rude things about Nicki Minaj's "Starships," causing Nicki to drop out of Summer Jam and spawning a weeklong debate about the definition of hip-hop. (For a refresher, please revisit Nicki's interview with Funkmaster Flex, which was never-ending and amazing.) So as an anniversary present — and just in time for this year's Summer Jam — Nicki agreed to a sit-down with Rosenberg. The result was not nearly as fun as the Flex call-in, but they made up, kind of, and surely paved the way for a surprise Minaj appearance on Sunday. Also, "I just don't know your résumé" is a funny thing to say to someone sitting right in front of you.