Prisoners Trailer: Hugh Jackman Hates Kidnappers


For a Thanksgiving movie, this trailer starts out kinda menacing, huh? Oh, just a second — it's actually about Paul Dano playing Kevin Spacey in Se7en and maybe making some little girls disappear?! THIS WILL BE INTENSE. Antoine "Training Day" Fuqua was once attached to direct, which makes sense; now it belongs to Quebec's Denis Villeneuve, helming his first American production. An icky premise for sure, but holy Moses is Prisoners starrily cast: Hugh Jackman as the bearded angel of parental vigilantism, Viola Davis and Terrence Howard as parents of one of the two missing girls, Jake Gyllenhaal as a detective called ... Loki, supporting roles from Melissa Leo and Maria Bello. If the kids die, though, Vulture gives you permission to throw popcorn everywhere.