Quiz: Can You Name Daft Punk’s Most Iconic Songs in Just Three Notes?

Photo: Dan Steinberg/? Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

Daft punk, with their ever-shifting style, were built to instantly stand out within a D.J.'s set. Their robot vocals, bass thumps, bleeps, and bloops are definitive: You just know a Daft Punk song when you hear one. But how quickly do you know it? In honor of Random Access Memories' release, we’ve picked some of their most famous jams from throughout their career and boiled them down to just three notes, Name That Tune style. Click to play twelve very short and stripped-down piano samples below, and when you think you know what song it is, reveal each track's full version to see if you were right. After that, maybe take it one more time. (Nice try — that reference does not guarantee "One More Time" is included.)

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