Seth Meyers Returning to SNL in the Fall

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

We learned earlier in the week that this Saturday was going to be Bill Hader's last show as an SNL cast member. Many assumed that it would also be Seth Meyers's last, as he would be preparing to be the new host of Late Night. However, this morning, Meyers appeared on the Today show and said that will be not the case. He will be returning in the fall and anchoring "Weekend Update" for the first half of the season, after which he'll step down so he can ready himself to take over Late Night on February 24,2014. He explained: "I'm nowhere near emotionally ready for Saturday to be my last show. I wouldn't be able to handle that." "You can handle this kick to your face," say all the cast members who want him to step down already, so they can take over.