Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas Talked About Making a Dirty Randy and Rafi Movie Together


In Seth Rogen’s two guest spots on FX’s The League, he and actor Jason Mantzoukas have proven to be a great team. Rogen has exceled at playing despicable librarian/pornographer Dirty Randy, best friend to Mantzoukas’s own dirtbag character Rafi. In an interview with Complex today, Rogen reveals that he and Mantzoukas have had non-serious talks about spinning their characters off into their own story. Here’s a clip:

Interviewer: By the way, the Dirty Randy movie needs to happen.Rogen: It does! Mantzoukas and I were actually just talking about it. I saw him on Saturday night. We were like, “We should just do something that focuses on our two characters.” [Laughs.]