The Complete Guide to Everything: Fancy Restaurants


This week we’re talking fancy restaurants, but what conversation about fancy restaurants would be complete without first looking back at Prince’s most erotic songs from early in his career? No conversation, that’s what. After that we jump right into fancy restaurants starting with our favorite restauranteur, Gordon Ramsay. Not only is he the world’s foremost authority on whether food is raw or not, he has a number of restaurants Tom has been to which Tim claims are not fancy despite never having been himself.

Tim and Tom also discuss the number of fancy and not quite fancy restaurants they spent money at at while in Europe out of fear that it would be robbed from them eventually anyway. This leads to a long argument about the merits of wine and whether a single person on earth can tell the difference between different bottles. The episode closes out with Tim’s readings from a book on restaurant etiquette from the Emily Post Institute and a discussion of the new movie from Splitsider Presents called The Exquisite Corpse Project which you should totally buy.

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