See a Preview for the New Season of The Newsroom


Hey, The Newsroom is coming back in July*! It's almost tough to believe we're ready for a whole new go-round at ACN. In this new promo, we're told that everyone at News Night will be spending the season preparing for a deposition — which is Aaron Sorkin's absolute favorite way to create opportunities for clever banter! (My kingdom for a crossover from West Wing's Oliver Babish.) We'll also see Sloan and Don's relationship develop, watch Jim cover the Romney campaign, and poor bedraggled Maggie will "lose everything." Too bad Maggie was already the saddest, most inept character, and "everything" is probably just her anti-anxiety medication.

*The show comes back July 14, not in June. Time flies when you're waiting for Will and Mackenzie to get it together already!