They’re Rebooting Leprechaun


2013 marks the twenty-year anniversary of the release of Leprechaun. After making six films in ten years, which included a trip to space and two trips to “tha hood,” and then taking ten years off, it appears the Leprechaun is ready to make a comeback. Lionsgate will work with WWE studios to produce a reboot starring Hornswoggle, a little person and professional wrestler who for a time dressed as a leprechaun. The Wrap reports that the film will be directed by Zach Lipovsky, a visual-effects artist who first made himself known as a finalist on the Steven Spielberg– and Mark Burnett–produced reality show On the Lot. Not much else is known about the reboot, but we assume, if  it’s like the originals, it will be vaguely scary, kind of campy, and a little racist.