TNT, TBS Want Cops, Diablo Cody, Monopoly Shows


TBS and TNT announced their upcoming series at the tag-teamed upfront this morning, and as you might expect, there are a lot of cop shows. A lot! TNT loves a cop show, friends, so much so that even TBS is getting a (comedic) one, too.

The new TNT shows:

  • Portal House, about a group of young scientists who discover a portal. (Unrelated to the game Portal, sadly.)
  • Peter Gunn, an update of the fifties-era private-eye series.
  • The Last Cop, an adaptation of a German show about a police officer who wakes up after twenty years in a coma. (Man, remember Life on Mars?)
  • A Bend in the Road, based on the Nicholas Sparks book about a sheriff who discovers a small town's murderous secrets.
  • Guilty by Association, based on O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark's debut novel about two lawyers and a cop — who are all ladies!
  • Lew Archer, about a private detective.
  • Crushed, about a man and his young step-mother vying for control of a vineyard. Get it? "Crushed"?
  • Burn, an unscripted show from Denis Leary about Detroit firefighters.
  • Cop Swap, a reality show from Dick Wolf that's like Wife Swap, but with police forces.
  • Monopoly, a game show where "eight two-person teams will play a game of real-world Monopoly with a huge cash prize at stake." Presumably episodes will be nine hours long, and eventually Grandma will come in and demand you be a little bit nicer to your younger cousin, because he is trying his best.
  •  The Big Deal, a scavenger-hunt reality contest show.

Over on TBS, the comedies are marginally less cop-focused:

  • Bad Parents, about four sets of parents who are … bad.
  • Tribeca, from Steve and Nancy Carell, a cop-show parody set in the Really Heinous Crimes Unit
  • Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me, a sitcom developed by Jaime Foxx, based on his relationship with his teen daughter.
  • Dream House, about a young guy who lives with an old guy.
  • Clipsters, from David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, a sitcom about a Boston-area barbershop.
  • Me Time with Diablo Cody, an unscripted show with Cody "reveal[ing] a side of Hollywood and celebs that the public very rarely gets to see."
  • Cheeseheads, a reality show about fans of the Green Bay Packers.

So that's seven cop shows, one vineyard soap opera, one Diablo Cody series, and one Monopoly show. Get excited.