Watch the First Episode of The Goodwin Games


Last year, Fox picked up a comedy from How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas called The Goodwin Games. It starred Scott Foley (now hunking it up on Scandal), Becki Newton (most recently Barney's stripper ex-fiancée Quinn on HIMYM), and Jack Lacy (Pete on The Office) as siblings whose father died, and instead of a will left them a bizarre competition pitting them against each other and against other contestants. This comedy then sat around for a year. A year! TJ Miller (a sitcom utility player and host of Comedy Central's Mash Up) replaced Lacy, and now — after an eternity in TV time — Fox is finally dusting it off. The show will officially air May 20, but the whole pilot is online now. It's cute! Not earth-shatteringly so, but certainly watchably so.