‘All in the Family’ Star Jean Stapleton Dies at 90


Veteran actress Jean Stapleton, best known for portraying Archie’s better half Edith Bunker on All in the Family, passed away Friday from natural causes at the age of 90. Stapleton won three Emmys and two Golden Globes for her career-defining performance as Edith, a character she portrayed for the influential show’s entire nine-year run (and for an additional year on the continuation series Archie Bunker’s Place). In addition to her role in All in the Family, Stapleton played supporting roles in movies like You’ve Got Mail, Michael, and Klute and guest starred on Everybody Loves Raymond, The Love Boat, and Murphy Brown. She was also an accomplished stage actress with numerous Broadway credits. All in the Family producer Norman Lear gave a statement to CNN, reflecting, “No one gave more profound ‘how to be a human being’ lessons than Jean Stapleton. Goodbye Edith, darling.” Co-star Rob Reiner , “Working with her was one of the greatest experiences of my life.” A pivotal part of what’s considered to be one of the greatest TV comedies of all-time, Jean Stapleton was a powerful, phenomenal performer who will be missed.