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might morphin' power rangers

Bryan Cranston Voiced Monsters on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Thanks to a Reddit AMA promoting the upcoming season of Breaking Bad, we now know which TV sidekick Bryan Cranston thinks would win in a fight between Frankie Muniz and Aaron Paul ("The woman who would throw them both out of the bar"); what his favorite TV show is ("Breaking Bad, I don't know if you guys have heard of it before"); and, most important, that he voiced a bunch of bad guys on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

I'm doing action chops write now to depict that. I did voice work for the Power Rangers years and years ago. Someone once told me they named the blue Power Ranger after me, his last name was Cranston. I found out years later that was true.

Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, was "a straight-A student" who "planned to move on to college and hopefully become one of the world's leading scientists." Science, you say?