Diana Teaser: Princesses Get Lonely, Too


Once upon a time, before Kate Middleton and her unfaltering smile, there was a British princess who got cheated on, divorced, and cast out of the Royal Family, all right before the paparazzi's eyes. Based on the teaser trailer for Diana, very little of this royal drama will make it into the upcoming biopic; instead, it focuses on Princess Diana's post-Charles life, specifically her secret (and doomed) affair with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan. For the purposes of this video, that means we get a bunch of shots of Naomi Watts as Diana staring moonily into space, running dramatically through the night. and smiling bravely for the cameras who can't know her pain. Oh, and they do the famous minefield shot. Here's hoping you wanted a Lifetime-y biopic about Diana's humanitarian years.