Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Save The Date’


Save The Date, a quirky comedy starring Allison Brie and Lizzy Caplan is out on Blu-Ray today. The indie romcom was directed by the relatively obscure Michael Mohan, who has so far been more prolific in short films. It was originally released late last year on Video On Demand (VOD). Save The Date focuses on two sisters, Sarah and Beth (played by Caplan and Brie, respectively), who take completely different approaches to love — Beth loves the notion of a classic romance, wedding cake tasting and all, while Sarah treats commitment like a disease to be avoided at all costs. Together, the two sort through their own relationship problems and try to find a happy medium. The movie received praise from The AV Club’s Nathan Rabin: “Smart, funny, sexy, sad and refreshingly devoid of clichés, Save The Date occupies a higher evolutionary plane than most other wedding-themed romantic comedies.” It’s a cute romcom starring your favorite people (Martin Starr’s in it too!) and definitely worth the purchase.

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