The Many Faces of Mad Men’s Ted Chaough


The sixth season of Mad Men saw Don in deep decline. Peggy found herself pulled in a lot of lousy directions; Pete continued not to get what he wants nor want what he got; and Roger seemed and felt increasingly obsolete. But two things really broke out this season: One, Stan's beard. Good God, what a majestic specimen! And two, Mr. Ted Chaough, former borderline villain and RFK-impersonating antagonist. This season he was Peggy's boss and love interest — a dangerous combo, Pegs! Beware! — and he served as sort of a mirror for Don, one that bounced back a pretty unflattering reflection. The best part about Ted (well, about Kevin Rahm, who plays Ted), though, is his utter lack of stoicism. Don is so unreadable; Burt is a walking mystery. Joan has mastered the art of people-pleasing, and Betty thinks detachment is next to godliness. But Ted? Ted is the most expressive Mad Men character ever. He's all raised eyebrows and agape jaws, bouncing from elation to exhaustion in a single scene. Here are some of the highlights from this season.