Nikki Finke and Sharon Waxman Hold Firm in New York Times Piece

Nikki Finke.

Last week, Hollywood and the Internet were abuzz about a post the Wrap's Sharon Waxman wrote proclaiming that Nikki Finke was fired from Deadline Hollywood, the site she founded and ran. Finke responded by writing a post refuting the story and tossing out some zingers ("It’s yet one more reason I call her website The Crap"). Well, today the New York Times' David Carr followed up on the story and not surprisingly both women are holding firm. Finke, after "chewing [Carr] out for 15 minutes over a four-year-old story she didn’t like," commented, "I still work here and beyond that, I am not going to dignify Sharon Waxman’s story."

She added that Waxman is jealous of how much money she makes and "has a terrible reputation for accuracy in Hollywood." Waxman, however, is sticking to her guns: "I absolutely stand behind the story, and if facts change I will report them as they occur.” She told Carr that she hasn't been able to get a "direct answer" from Finke or her boss about the situation. Not sure what her definition of "direct" is, but maybe she should just read this article she is quoted in.