Olde English Looks Back at ‘I Hate Nature’


Splitsider is thrilled to offer our first digital download, The Exquisite Corpse Project, a fantastic film from the former members of legendary sketch group Olde English. I recently sat down with the guys to look through some of their classic Olde English sketches. Here, the group looked back at one of their later parodies.

Chioke: One of the things that interests me about the group is how people started getting more polished. I like the comedy from the very beginning to the very end, but it definitely feels like, if you look at the really early sketches and if you know the guys well enough, you can see Adam writing that or Ben coming up with the origination of this. And then towards the end, if you look at I Hate Nature—I Hate Nature is brilliant, and it’s really funny and it’s very clean, but it’s interesting because I feel like around the time that you guys stopped working together was when the videos felt like they were independent of the people. They’re so good by themselves, they’re not specific to one person. It felt like you got to a point where it was like a brand. It was all things working. From an outsider, you know what I mean?

Adam: Well, it get more refined and polished, what we were making. We took less chances on weird stuff. I think by that time—the last videos we made were in 2008—we were competing CollegeHumor and other web outlets. We started doing topical sketches and specific parodies and things like that, as opposed to this really free-wheeling attitude we had early on, when no one was doing web videos, so we just whatever.

The Exquisite Corpse Project is available for download for $5 from Splitsider Presents.