Name That Tune: The Song of Summer Edition

Photo: Getty and Corbis

We love our Song of Summer here at Vulture, making it a point to track the rise and fall of contenders every year. These tunes historically dominate the summer because they are so damned catchy, and catchy forever; for years afterwards, just hearing the opening notes of a past Song of Summer can jolt you into a Pavlovian sing-along. We want to test just how ingrained these tunes are with our newest Name that Tune quiz, a Song of the Summer edition. With just a song's year as a clue (and we go all the way back to the sixties), can you name the hot-weather anthem after hearing just five piano-plinked notes? Good luck!

Do well? Tell Twitter. Didn’t do well? Tell Twitter! (It’s self-reported so you can totally lie if you want.)