Sophia Grace Finally Got Her Own Music Video


You remember Sophia Grace, right? She's the sassy little British girl who rapped "Super Bass" with her silent friend Rosie and who was then adopted by Ellen as red-carpet-reporter-slash-mascot. (Please pause and watch Sophia turn down a hug from Drake at the 2:50 mark; it is a special moment.) Sophia Grace and Rosie have been in the biz for nearly two years now, but somehow, no one thought to give either of them a pink Hot Wheels and film an original music video. Until now. Here is "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun," the debut single from Sophia Grace, featuring a silent Rosie, impeccable dress selections, Beats by Dre product placement (this is a music video, after all), and a perfectly respectable ten-year-old rap verse. It is like the Ark Music Factory never left us.